Every self-respectable person of Sindh wants independence from slavery of Punjab imperialism: Altaf Hussain

Feb 20, 2020

London, Feb 20 (ANI): MQM founder and leader Altaf Hussain in a joint press conference with the head of Jeye Sindh Tehreek, Dr Safdar Sirki stated that every self-respectable and brave person of Sindh wants independence from the slavery of Punjab imperialism. Today, Sindh is the colony of Punjab. Punjab has occupied all the resources of Sindh. Now permanent residents of Sindh want liberation from this slavery and occupation. Altaf Hussain addressed Sindhi and Urdu speaking people that they should unite for the freedom of Sindh and start a combined struggle. Both the leaders expressed their good wishes for the unity, love and harmony among the permanent residents of Sindh.