26/11 Mumbai attack anniversary: Anti-terrorism protests held in US, Canada

Nov 27, 2020

Toronto (Canada) / New York (US), Nov 27 (ANI): Members of Hindu Forum Canada organized a LED Truck advertisement campaign across many cities of Greater Toronto Areas against Pakistan’s terrorist attack on Mumbai in 2008. A truck with billboards on three sides started its campaign from Canada’s most populous Province Ontario’s Legislative Assembly. The billboards readings were in hashtags #MumbaiNov26 #PakistaniTerror #CanadiansAwaitJustice. Two Canadians were killed in that terrorist attack and many got injured. Hindu Forum Canada demanded the Legislative Assembly to press Pakistan for Justice of Canadian victims as well as all victims. Thousands of Canadians watched Hindu Forum Canada’s slides with the clear message, “The Families of Mumbai Terror Attack Victims across the Globe Want Justice”. In New York City, members of the Indian community hold anti-terrorism protest. They were carrying banners “Stand Against Terrorism”, “We Demand Justice”. More than 160 people were killed in a 2008 Islamist militant attack in Mumbai. India blamed militants links to the Pakistan based Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) group for the attacks. India and United States accused Hafiz Saeed, who founded the LeT, of being the attack mastermind.