New portable Covid-19 testing kit developed in UAE, results in 45 minutes

New portable Covid-19 testing kit developed in UAE, results in 45 minutes

Oct 03, 2020

Abu Dhabi (UAE) Oct 3: As the number of coronavirus cases is increasing in the UAE amid the threat of a second wave, a team of researchers from Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi has developed a portable Covid-19 testing kit, which offers rapid and accurate results.
The testing kit is the size of a smartphone and can deliver accurate results in less than 45 minutes. The kit uses a PCR-based technique that provides rapid, sensitive, and specific ?detection of the Covid-19 virus in a cost-effective manner. Dr Arif Sultan Al Hammadi, executive vice-president of Khalifa University, said the preliminary results are promising.
"Due to the spread of Covid-19, Khalifa University has established a strategic scientific research initiative to help tackle the challenges posed by the pandemic. It has funded a total of 14 research projects, including this one. Within a short span of time, our researchers have developed this small and portable Covid-19 testing kit that is able to diagnose infections in less than one hour. The preliminary results are promising. Currently, we are taking the swab sample from the nose, and soon we will test saliva samples," he said.
Anas Alazzam, associate professor, mechanical engineering at the university, and founder of Microfluidics Lab, said: "The kit is currently in the clinical validation stage. This testing kit can detect active infection within 45 minutes, meaning it can be used in rapid testing of frontline healthcare workers and essential workers."
Dr Habiba Al Safar, director of the Centre for Biotechnology at Khalifa University, said the innovative kit can quickly detect infected people. "You don't need to be a scientist to read the results of Covid-19 testing when using our device. Basically, it gives two colours: yellow means positive and red means negative. With this device, we can quickly identify infected people, and also take swift action to prevent the transmission."
Source: Khaleej Times