Govt Plans To Establish Five New Provinces

Govt Plans To Establish Five New Provinces

Feb 11, 2019

Kabul (Afghanistan) Feb 11: The Afghan government is reportedly working on a plan to create five new provinces in the country, rising the number of provinces to 39 from the current 34.
The Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG) has confirmed the plan, but has not revealed details.
Sources said that government might declare Shinwar district of Nangarhar, Jaghori district of Ghazni, Shindand district of Herat, Pamir region of Badakhshan and a district in Farah as new provinces. The provinces are located in the country's four zones - central, eastern, western, southern and northern zones.
The IDLG has said that discussions are underway to finalize the process.
"Discussions are ongoing about this plan with the Presidential Palace," said Sayed Shah, head of the IDLG's publication department. "But so far, the areas have not been specified."
When asked about a possible plan of government on adding to the number of provinces, two Herat residents said it would be better if Shindand district, in south of Herat, is promoted to a province.
"Shindand is the biggest district in Afghanistan," Herat resident Abdul Rauf Yaqubi said.
"Our demand from Mr. President is that Shindand should be promoted to a province," said Hamidullah Afghan, a Herat resident.
In recent years, calls for such a move have gathered momentum. Afghanistan is made up of 34 provinces. The provinces are the primary administrative divisions. Each province encompasses a number of districts or usually over 1,000 villages.
Provincial governments are led by a governor who is appointed by president of the country.
Source: Tolo News