Covid-19: Task forces for all Emirates to crack down on violators

Covid-19: Task forces for all Emirates to crack down on violators

Oct 05, 2020

Abu Dhabi (UAE) Oct 5: The UAE has set up task forces across all emirates to deal with those violating Covid-19 safety measures, said a top government official.
Dr Saif Al Dhaheri, spokesperson from the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA), said in a virtual press briefing on Sunday that the authority had developed a distinctive monitoring and inspection methodology to ensure the implementation of all precautionary measures by forming seven inspection teams, one in each emirate.
"Relevant authorities at the local level have intensified their control and inspection campaigns and issued violations against all individuals and institutions that have not complied with preventive measures," he said.
"The police agencies were the highest in issuing violations, followed by municipalities, economic development departments and a number of other entities in all emirates."
Al Dhaheri noted that the NCEMA is continuously observing and monitoring people's responses and feedback, which will be used to develop the content of the UAE government briefing.
"We would like to assure the public that the current increase in the number of violations does not mean an increase in the number of cases, but is the result of the intensive efforts of the relevant local authorities to ensure the application of national laws and protocols," said Al Dhaheri.
Rumours are quick to surface in times of crises and a select few seek to achieve their goals that are detrimental to the UAE's safety and security, the official said, warning that law will be applied firmly towards these people.
Seasonal flu
The NCEMA has also stressed on the need to prepare for the seasonal flu, which started in July.
"We have flu and Covid-19. This will affect the health sector and its capacity," said Al Dhaheri.
He urged the health sector to prepare for nationwide vaccination campaigns so that flu cases could be kept to a minimum.
Commit To Win campaign
Al Dhaheri noted that the NCEMA had launched the 'Commit To Win' campaign with a national media strategy to address each individual and institution, and call for their commitment in order to achieve success and ensure a safe return of activities and sectors.
"The campaign got more than two billion positive reactions locally and regionally," he said.
Public lauds govt's handling of pandemic
The survey conducted by the NCEMA regarding the pandemic showed that UAE society's sentiment towards the government's handling of the pandemic is 96.3 per cent, while 95 per cent of the participants said the government dealt with pandemic in an effective way.
Source: Khaleej Times